Road Trip to Page, AZ: Antelope Canyon, Glamping, & Vegan Eats

We just got back from an awesome road trip to Page, Arizona. Page is in the northern portion of Arizona, near the border of Utah and is famous for it’s gorgeous landscapes, particularly Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. Trust me, these are some of the most beautiful areas we have ever seen and are so unique. While there are lots of activities, I think three full days is the perfect amount to see all the highlights.                     road trip to page

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Tropical Smoothie Bowl + Guatemalan Shopping

Tropical Smoothie Bowl
A delicious tropical smoothie bowl topped with superfood berries, coconut, and JEM Raw. Check out that awesome table runner made by a women’s weaving cooperative in San Juan, Guatemala.

Being back from vacation is not easy. I am happy to be home and, of course, excited to see my favorite little fur child, but I can’t lie, I certainly do miss eating breakfast and looking out at the amazingly gorgeous Lake Atitlan. Most days I had an amazing fruit platter for breakfast filled with melon, papaya (picked straight from the hotel’s papaya tree!), pineapple, and banana, served with freshly blended juice and some delicious Guatemalan coffee (also picked and sun-dried from coffee plants at our hotel). It was pretty amazing, but all good things must come to an end. Arriving home to an empty fridge certainly doesn’t help matters, but luckily I had a bunch of frozen fruit, dried berries, and nut butters to create this delicious tropical smoothie bowl and ease my taste buds back to reality. Non-vacation life is hard.

The view from our restaurant where we had an amazing breakfast each day!
The view from our restaurant where we had an amazing breakfast each day! Did I mention the restaurant is 100% vegetarian, with lots of vegan options for every meal?

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