Road Trip to Page, AZ: Antelope Canyon, Glamping, & Vegan Eats

We just got back from an awesome road trip to Page, Arizona. Page is in the northern portion of Arizona, near the border of Utah and is famous for it’s gorgeous landscapes, particularly Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. Trust me, these are some of the most beautiful areas we have ever seen and are so unique. While there are lots of activities, I think three full days is the perfect amount to see all the highlights.                     road trip to page

Itinerary at a Glance

Day 1:

Arrive (we got in at 11 pm, so didn’t do anything that day).

Day 2:

Upper Antelope Canyon, Rattlesnake canyon, Owl Canyon. This is an early morning, we arrived at 7 am to start and finished a bit after one. In the evening we watched the sunset over Horseshoe Bend.

Day 3:

Lower Antelope Canyon in the AM, kayaking in the afternoon. If you are up for it, check out Lone Rock Beach at night. We had clouds, but is supposed to be a great place to see the Milky Way on a clear night!

Day 4:

Horseshoe Bend round 2 + free time (we got crazy weather and lots of rain and wind, so ended up just relaxing instead of our planned stand up paddle boarding and hike). Activities to consider: boat trip on Lake Powell and hike to Rainbow Bridge, SUP, check out the dam). Spend the night glamping.

Day 5:

Head home 🙂

Walking through Owl Canyon.

What to Do.

Visit Slot Canyons.

There are several slot canyons around the Page area, however Antelope Canyon is by far the most famous. Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons are on Navajo Nation lands and require a tour for entry. We visited both and enjoyed them immensely, but they get pretty crowded. We did a photography tour for Upper Antelope Canyon, via Adventurous Antelope Canyon Tours, which was great because it helped to assist with crowd control and allowed us to get great shots of the famous light beams coming through.

Upper Antelope also has a bit more space, so if you are interested in a photo tour, I recommend it for upper rather than lower. As part of our photography tour we also visited Rattlesnake and Owl canyons. These were amazing– much less crowded and very beautiful. I’ll elaborate more on the different canyons on another post. Lower Antelope Canyon had a bit more of the purple colors and required a bit more climbing up and down to navigate which definitely added to the fun, but would have been more difficult with a tripod. We used Dixie Ellis’ Tour for Lower Antelope Canyon and learned so much about Navajo culture and history from our guide.

Upper Antelope Canyon

Visit Lake Powell.

Antelope Canyon actually extends out for several miles past the famed entrances and into Lake Powell. We did a kayaking tour via Kayak Lake Powell through the lake portion and then hiked around a bit too. It was a great experience! Lake Powell is gorgeous and so refreshing to swim in on a hot day. Closer to the launching point there are a lot of beaches where you can shore your kayak, lounge around, or even jump off some of the cliffs (although do this at your own risk!). We had a ton of fun kayaking, being on Lake Powell was a sharp difference from the surrounding desert landscape.

Kayaking through a portion of Antelope Canyon on Lake Powell.

Horseshoe Bend.

Horseshoe bend is an absolute must see on a visit to Page. It was a 3 minute drive from our hotel and is gorgeous. We actually liked it so much we went twice! There is a short 10-15 minute walk from the parking lot until you reach the actual horseshoe and the colors come out so differently based on the lighting. Horseshoe Bend is a famous spot at sunset and is definitely draws a crowd. However, it is a big area of land so there was plenty of space for everyone! Just a word of caution (I am a nurse at heart!) these are natural cliffs which are unstable and have the ability to break, especially in overhang areas. There are no safety rails or anything to stop how close you get to the edge. Be careful and use common sense, no view or selfie is worth your life!

Horseshoe Bend

Where to eat.

While beautiful, Page is not a very vegan friendly place. It truly is a small town with only a handful of restaurants that only exists because of tourism and the power plant. This made eating vegan a struggle, but not impossible. We did a combo of hotel and glamping for accommodations. While in the hotel, we had a refrigerator, microwave, and brought our own electric kettle. These were a life saver!

Prior to Page, we stopped at a grocery store and stocked up on frozen Amy’s dinners, soup, and cereal. In Page there is a Walmart that has almond milk, fruit, salad mix, kale chips, etc. so we were able to make our own concoctions in the hotel. There are a few cafes and Asian restaurants (notably Thai and Chinese) where you might be able to request a vegan option, but none had stellar reviews so we decided to just save the money and make our food at the hotel.

Traditional Navajo breakfast while glamping.

Where to stay.

We did a combination of hotel stay and glamping for our trip to Page. We stayed at the Days Inn for our first three nights. While nothing glamorous, the rooms are spacious and include a coffee pot, microwave, and refrigerator. This made making our own food much easier. At around $130/night, we thought the price was fair, especially since it included a buffet breakfast (although it catered more to non vegans, we still enjoyed toast with jam, bananas with peanut butter, and the coffee).

Our glamping tent.

For our last night we stayed on a bell tent on Navajo lands. I am going to write a whole separate post on that here, because it was so much fun! The tent was very comfy and it included a naturally vegan traditional Navajo breakfast of blue corn porridge and fresh fruit, which was quite tasty and a fresh change from our frozen vegan dinners and standard hotel breakfasts. We found the glamping through airbnb, but the glamping is an eco B&B called Shash Dine. it was listed at $150/night, although with the various one time fees it came up to $215 for the one night. A little pricey, but 100% worth it because we had a great time and enjoyed the experience. If you are interested in using airbnb, use this link for $40 off your first night of $75 or more 🙂

Overall we had a great trip! I definitely recommend a visit to Page, especially if you can add it on to another trip like the Grand Canyon or Zion. The land is beautiful and we absolutely loved glamping and exploring the different slot canyons.

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Take a road trip Page, AZ and enjoy antelope canyon, horseshoe bend, and glamping on Navajo lands.

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