Kitchen Appliances

This page is currently a work in progress as I develop my blog. Below are some of my favorite appliances. Everything listed is an item that I personally use and love! I I plan to keep updating as I have more time, so keep checking back.


The Vitamix

I absolutely love my vitamix. It was a long road to get to the vitamix, mostly because of the price (there is some serious sticker shock when you first see the price!). I first had a basic run of the mill blender, then a magic bullet (which I actually love and still recommend), then TWO different ninjas, until finally I bit the bullet and bought a vitamix. And by bite the bullet, I mean, saved up the money, convinced my boyfriend to go halfsies, and waited until there was a sale! It has been pure, smooth, and creamy bliss ever since and I regret every day that I waited to buy it. Seriously, there really is no comparison and if you find yourself making smoothies, sauces, or smooth soups on a daily basis, the Vitamix is a must. I am now so obsessed that when there was a fire near my house and I was evacuated, I took my Vitamix. My boyfriend still doesn’t let me live that down.


Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer
After my vitamix, I would say my next most used item is my stand mixer. I love this stand mixer. It isn’t the top of the line, but it gets everything done and I have zero complaints. I went with the head tilt style, as opposed to the bowl lift, as I liked that it was faster for me to get the bowl in and out, as well as easier to scrape the sides down and change the attachment. It is a smaller bowl, so you have to keep that in mind and choose your mixer based on your needs.


 The Spiralizer

Perfect for creating zoodles, sweet potato curls, and all sorts of spiralized veggie goodness!

Cuisinart Food Processor

The Chopper


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