About Us

We are Heather and Martin, a young couple who love to eat a plant based diet, travel the world, and go on adventures as often as we can.

I work as a registered nurse in the intensive care unit and Martin is a martial and family therapist. Working in the ICU has given be an entirely new perspective on life. I often see the destruction and suffering caused by illness, many of which have strong lifestyle components. This has affected me profoundly in all aspects of my life and inspired me to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. It has also made me a more compassionate person, not just for my those I take care of, but towards all beings on our beautiful planet and was a contributing factor on my journey of veganism.

Martin and I both have a passion for travel and love exploring new places together. We often get asked about our travels and hope to use Our Kind Life as an opportunity to share this passion with others. We are always on the lookout for unique accommodations and beautiful scenery.

We hope to inspire others to lead a more compassionate life, eat more plant-based foods, and to appreciate every day they are alive. Thank you for visiting our blog!



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