Iceland: Finding & Photographing the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights (or more scientifically aurora borealis) are one of those natural phenomena that doesn’t even seem possible. After seeing photos and video, they instantly moved near the top of our travel bucketlist. However, after more research it became apparent that they can be a bit elusive. Experiences range from just a glimpse to spectacular light show. We experienced both ends of the spectrum on our trip to Iceland. The bottom line is that they are a natural phenomena and there is no guarantee! For this reason, we picked Iceland as our country of choice. Even if we didn’t see them, we had lots of other activities planned and would have a great trip. Seeing the Northern Lights would just be a cherry on top. However to improve our chances, I put in a lot of research on how to find and photograph them. Hopefully this will help on your own Northern Lights adventures.

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